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It's official ... I am 100% freak!



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It's official ... I am 100% freak!

Post by Kitkat on Fri 09 Mar 2012, 15:24

Just came across this ...

Channel 5 Quiz '100%'

Where do they get these freaks????
I LOVE 100%, not because of the fact that its a high quality TV programme.....because it isn't....but because of the fact that the people that appear on the show are the FREAKIEST people in the world.....EVER!! I don't know how Channel 5 do it, I really don't, and I totally admire them because of it. Channel 5 manage to find the biggest freaks and are very consistent in it, 100% very rarely doesn't have at least 2 freaks on the show at the same time.

I think one reason why Channel 5 manage to keep having freaks on this show is because they do shows like "golden 100%" only for old people, "100% sex" dedicated to sex questions where other freaks go on.

Everyone has seen the show, 3 people answer 100 multiple choice questions and the person with the highest percentage wins. There are no extra frills. The person who wins gets £100 and a chance to play the next day. There is no presenter, only a voice, although this voice is of a comedy genius which just makes the programme better.

I just want to know one thing.....where do they they these people from??? Only a few people have looked normal and to this day I have NEVER met anyone who knows anyone who has been on 100%.....meaning only one thing.... Channel 5 has been looking to other places other than Earth for it's contestants.....its the only explanation....

So if you want to see the world's (or universe's??) biggest freaks on TV, answering mind numblingly easy questions with a comedy genius presenter I suggest you watch this show, if only just to look upon in awe at the sheer weirdness of the contestants.

Should I be too ready to admit that I have been a contestant on 100% ....
In fairness to my percentage of freakiness, though, I took part in the Quiz back in the early days, when it was relatively new and before they started holding the 'Special' ones, i.e. 100% Golden Oldies and 'Abba' Special 100%, Prisoner Cell Block H etc ...

The reason also that all the contestants looked so wooden and lifeless and, yes, a bit freaky ... was we each were given a marked point ahead of us which we had to focus on. We were told not to move our gaze from that spot, also no fidgeting in the stand, we had to stand as ridgidly still as possible. Not an easy task at the best of times, I tell ya.

One of the comments in the above link refers to the guy who got chucked off because he just kept winning. Yep! Mister "Yes please" Know-it-All. (The winner was always asked at the end, would you like to come back 'tomorrow' and his sickly answer was always "Oooh yes please". When I went on the programme I was up against him. It was his 37th time on the show. (The prize for each show was £100 for the winner). Although the quiz was shown daily, in actual fact they recorded the week's programme one after the other, all in the same day. We were told to bring 4 changes of tops - so that if you won and were coming back "the next day", you had to change your top to make it look as though it was the next day. In the Green Room, Mister "Yes Please" sat all by himself with his huge suitcase of clothes to change into, so cock-sure he was of himself. My then partner came with me and watched all the shows live as they broadcast on a small tv set in the Green Room. Just before the break, the viewers were shown the percentage so far of what each contestant had got to, although the contestants couldn't see and didn't know until the end of the programme. At the half time break (where we didn't move from our spot - just had to stay in the same position while someone came and touched up your make-up, made sure your microphone was in place etc - the screen showed that I had ONE PERCENT MORE than the Champ!! The Green Room was apparently in uproar, cheering for me. Nobody wanted this know-it-all to win again. End result however was that he did win yet again - with me and the other contestant coming equally second with the same score, but satisfyingly not too far below the champ's score. He continued on for another good few weeks before they eventually had to put a timely stop to his smug "Yes Please".
Smarmy git.
Umberto Cocopop
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Re: It's official ... I am 100% freak!

Post by Umberto Cocopop on Sat 10 Mar 2012, 13:23

I've never seen it.

@KitKat wrote:I am 100% freak!
Yes, but do you have anything new to tell us?
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Re: It's official ... I am 100% freak!

Post by lar-lar on Sun 11 Mar 2012, 23:37

Anybody who wants to go on a TV gameshow is weird. sidestep

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