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SHOUTBOX (Inter-Forum Message Box)



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SHOUTBOX (Inter-Forum Message Box)

Post by Kitkat on Sun 27 Mar 2011, 00:23

The SHOUTBOX can be accessed either from the main forum page (in the right-hand panel) or from the portal page, and you do not need to be logged in - or even a member of the forum to use it.

The same SHOUTBOX can also be found on the Portal of the Light After Life forum.  

The SHOUTBOX is a separate entity which can be accessed independently from the forums.

Guidelines for using the Shoutbox (Inter-Forum Message Box):

In the 'Name' box - clear 'Guest' and type in your name.
Type your message in the 'Message' box.  If you wish to use smilies in your message, click on the little plus sign down the bottom (like this but without the square) and you will find a selection of smiley images.  When you have finished typing your message, click on 'SEND' and your post will appear in the Shoutbox alongside the name that you have inserted.

More options:  (when the plus sign is clicked)

When the little plus sign is clicked, there are other options available.  You can have the Shoutbox appear in a pop-up window, where it can be permanently visible and accessible alongside whatever else you have on your screen. (You don't need to be viewing the forum; it will remain on your screen whatever other programme you go into, for as long as you want it there. (Just click the 'x' in the corner to close it).  You can also re-size your pop-up Shoutbox (by dragging the edges) - even put it to full screen if you wish - thus making it easier to use with more room when making a post.

Another way to have it open in another window is by clicking into the 'INTERFORUM MESSAGE BOX' link in the top left-hand corner.  This will bring it out in its full size (made smaller to fit into the forum panel). (Click the link here to see)

All the options with the plus sign are pretty much self-explanatory - e.g. if you click 'Set sound alert' you will hear a little "POP" sound in real-time when someone posts a new message there.

If you wish to bookmark the Shoutbox link to have it instantly available and separate from the forum, you can simply click into that 'OUR SHOUTBOX' and save the link to your Favourites.  (In the event that the forum is down or inaccessible for any reason, the Shoutbox will still be usable, so it's a good idea to have separate access to it in order to keep up with progress and keep in touch with other members on those occasions).

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