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Admin Kat
Admin Kat

Posts : 3591
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Join date : 2011-03-19
Location : Around the bend


Post by Kitkat on 27th November 2011, 11:33

I haven't been able to access the Forum since Friday.   Crying or Very sad
 It lets me log in but then I get chucked out again as soon as I go to
move to a page.  Other people have been reporting the same problem too.
I did get in briefly yesterday, long enough to make one post and then
it chucked me out again.  There's a big long list of complaints on the
Support Forum with other forums experiencing this problem and the image
problem that we have intermittently as well.  Some of these have been
going on for a whole month!  Forums are losing members over it, and
everyone's getting very angry and impatient with the technical team
there.  Since they changed hands, tbh it's just going down hill.  Been
one thing after another affecting multiple forums.

UPDATE: today (27th November)  - More and more members affected now by
this problem it seems, and more Forums making complaints to Support -
who don't seem to be doing much to resolve the problem as far as I can
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

Posts : 3591
Likes received : 34
Join date : 2011-03-19
Location : Around the bend

Re: [solved]SPIRITLOVE

Post by Kitkat on 1st December 2011, 08:49

Latest two entries on 6 pages of complaints (just one of the complaining threads on FreeForums Support Forum)

Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:44 pm
Well the good news is i no longer have these probles as i found a way to sort them out it took a few days but now my forum is good to go hoe did i do it well...........................................................i moved my forum to a new host yes we had to start again and yes i had to cut and past all our topics but it was worth in in the end as my members are a lot happyer and they are on there way back.FREE FORUMS ITS BEEN A TOTAL KNIGHTMARE HERE OVER THA PAST FEW MONTHS WITH YOU INVISABLE PROXY ECT,AND NOW WITH YOR BUG QUE.As i said last week free forums wont get a single penny off me when i pay for a service i want what i pay for not what the host wants to give me which in this case was put up and shut up, which in the real world and not freeforums world just isnt good enough

Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:05 am
Post Re: Image Loading issue and error "Forbidden You don't have
well done jeepster ive done the same Smile

but maybe thats what ff wanted was us all taking our forums elsewhere, after all its not like theyve go any overheads is it. but then if everyone left then ff and crowdgather would fail anyway.

only one way to deal with companys that dont listen, vote with your feet.

I'm inclined to agree with them. We have already set up under a new host, ready and waiting for if the worst happens.
link is here:

Take a look. We may well be doing the same as above pretty soon.
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

Posts : 3591
Likes received : 34
Join date : 2011-03-19
Location : Around the bend


Post by Kitkat on 1st December 2011, 13:45

Admin Kat
Admin Kat

Posts : 3591
Likes received : 34
Join date : 2011-03-19
Location : Around the bend

Re: [solved]SPIRITLOVE

Post by Kitkat on 1st December 2011, 18:55

UPDATE: The image problems have been fixed throughout the FreeForums. It was apparently a cache problem.
As for my earlier elation at being back in the Forum and able to post (I did make a couple of posts earlier on today, was no problem) ..... now it's back to square one with the chucking out again.

I have many words to describe this situation, but ... they do say, a picture paints a thousand words ....

Sad Evil or Very Mad No

I'm all out of words.
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

Posts : 3591
Likes received : 34
Join date : 2011-03-19
Location : Around the bend

Re: [solved]SPIRITLOVE

Post by Kitkat on 1st December 2011, 19:14

Somene has just posted this on the Support Forums. They've opened a new thread as quite pointless just joining the multitude of long angry pages and pages of threads with disgruntled admins and moderators complaining there over the last month or so ...

This post identifies more or less with the problem I've been having over on Spiritlove. I am not alone in this by a long shot, this just mirrors hundreds of other complaints of a similar nature that now grace the FreeForums Support Board:

Within the past week, the forum (where I'm a moderator on) has had a ton of technical issues pop up.

The first was actually about a month and a half ago...emoticons and smileys
started coming up as the 'X' error picture...we are still having that
problem today. (This is happening for all of the members, by the way).

Then about a week ago, the administrator of the forum couldn't log in. She
would log in, only to get logged out immediately afterward.
Occasionally, she would log in and be able to see a couple of threads
for a few seconds, only to get logged out once again a second later.
She's still can't log in.

A few days ago, a couple of members
would get a "WARNING! is known to send malware to computers,"
or something along those lines. There is a member with a banner from, but it has been removed. The warning pops up, even though
the poster who had the banner had not posted on the page at all. (Hope
that makes sense. I would screen cap the warning, but I can't view the
threads.) Most of the members who experienced this are using Chrome, by
the way.

Lastly today, I logged in just fine, went to a section
just fine as well, but cannot see a single thread at all. It comes up as
a blank page. One other member (who is not a moderator of any kind) had
a similar issue last night...I'm not sure if she is still having this
issue, as I can't view the thread in which we talked about it.

I've cleared all my cookies, tried different browsers, I even checked on my
iPod, but I still can't see a single thread. I'm very worried that I'll
be the next one not being able to log in, and the administrator and I
are the only administrators of any kind on our forum. If both of us are
kicked out, I'm not sure what we'd do.
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

Posts : 3591
Likes received : 34
Join date : 2011-03-19
Location : Around the bend

Re: [solved]SPIRITLOVE

Post by Kitkat on 3rd December 2011, 19:18

I have asked Rainbows to post this up for me on Spiritlove, as I can't get in there or at least stay in long enough to make a post:

Not sure if I can stay in long enough to post this but will give it a go - the board will probably chuck me out straight away AGAIN ....

As most of you will probably know, all the forums hosted by FreeForums (FF) have been experiencing problems with many issues for some time now. For those who aren't aware, please take a look here:
for just one long thread of huge amount of angry and worried complaints reported by admins and moderators that have been ongoing for well over a month now.

You will see from that one thread many forums are losing members over this issue, partly because some now find themsleves unable to access the forum, or some have simply left in frustration.
Some admins (like myelf) have been unable to log in to their own forums or if they do get in briefly, not able to do anything before they get chucked out again.

While these problems have been occurring, we have been busy behind the scenes creating a back-up forum for Spiritlove under a different host (ProBoards) - just in case these problems continue indefinitely or - even worse - in the event they cannot be resolved and we lose this place altogether.

You can take a look at our back-up place here

Most of the content that is to be found here is already installed on the new place as a sort of locked archive in each section (not quite complete yet but we're getting there. The green coloured threads - which are locked stickies take you straight into Spiritlove as it is here - you will not have permission to post in those green ones but new threads and topics can be started up separately in any of the sections there), but of course the existing membership here cannot be automatically transferred over there. If any member here would like to register their membership in the new place you are most welcome to do so now. It's ready for joining, posting, opening new topics etc as from now, but more importantly just to get yourself registered there. So far we have 3 members - Rainbows, myself and Destiny.

It might be a good idea anyway to take a note of the link above and add it to your Favourites for future reference.

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