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Light After Life Forum

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Light After Life Forum

Post by Kitkat on Wed 26 Sep 2018, 14:14

Light After Life   (LAL)
A small, friendly discussion forum exploring the mysteries of Life, Death and Beyond.
Afterlife, Mediumship, Spiritualism: Death is not the end; I am but waiting for you for an interval ...

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Candlelight.kk (aka Kitkat  wave ) invites you to pop in to this friendly little corner of the internet where we discuss, research and debate the one big question that matters to each and every one of us ...
Is there life after death?

You'll find a welcoming candle in the window to help light your way through the twisting roads and pathways, up hill and down dale, exploring the mysterious caverns that house all the important questions - and some of the answers - of our lives - and beyond.


Looking forward to seeing you there.  I love you

~ Candlelight.kk
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Re: Light After Life Forum

Post by Whiskers on Thu 27 Sep 2018, 11:55

I am already a member on that forum and I already look in there every day. My name on lal is Misty.
So much reading to be found there, you could never run out of things to read and learn about.

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