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Notification of new posts made on the Forum

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Notification of new posts made on the Forum

Post by Kitkat on Sun 03 Jun 2018, 11:54

Don't forget - if you wish to receive a notification when a new post has been made on the forum - you will need to have first ticked the relevant box in your Profile Preferences (yes or no).
Then check what options you have or have not ticked in the 'Notifications' drop-down box at top right-hand corner of the forum - and whether you wish that notification to be by email or in the Notifications box (for when you log in) - or both, or none of them.

Additionally, you can also request specific actions for each topic individually. (There may be some topics that you might not wish to 'watch', or where you might not want to receive a notification, but still want to hear about replies to other posts and topics.) You can make specific changes to each of these individual topics (and forums/categories) through the drop-down 'Actions' box (next to the 'Share' drop-down box - which is self-explanatory).

Note: Sometimes I have found that a new topic has been created or a reply has been made to an existing topic and I did not receive email notification about it - only when I log in and see the 'new' icon next to it does it get my attention. So, it pays to check up in the Actions box every now and then to make sure you have ticked the right places, thus remaining a happy member of our little community. happyheart

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