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Oh, well done! - crafty little crayfish


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Oh, well done! - crafty little crayfish Empty Oh, well done! - crafty little crayfish

Post by Kitkat on Sun Jun 03 2018, 11:26

Clawless - but definitely not clueless! :thumb:

A crayfish desperate to remove itself from the menu sacrificed one of its own claws to escape a boiling pot of spicy soup at a restaurant in China.
In footage viewed more than 900,000 times online, the crustacean is seen gripping one of its claws before successfully detaching it and fleeing.

The dramatic film was captured by social media user Jiuke, who posted it on the popular Chinese platform Weibo.
Jiuke later told users of the site that he had adopted the crayfish as a pet.

Watch video here: arrow right

Weibo users had left comments in support of the courageous crayfish, urging "let him go" and "don't eat him, seeing how hard he's trying to survive", the Taiwan News website reported.

Juike then responded: "I let him live, I already took him home and am raising him in an aquarium."

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