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Kitchen bat chase video goes viral

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Kitchen bat chase video goes viral

Post by Kitkat on Wed 06 Sep 2017, 17:21

giggle   This is so funny:

Hilarious video of an Irish man trying to capture a bat flying around his kitchen, with his son commentating. A clip of Derry (from Kerry) trying to banish a bat from their home is attracting interest online, and a lot of laughs. Catching a bat is really hard. The family can be heard shouting and screaming. The family dog also wanders into the kitchen, adding to the hilarity. "You're doing great Derry," Tadhg shouts at his dad, telling him to "catch it" over and over again. "Did you get him? No he's still there he's making a mockery out of you boy," he says.
Warning: This video contains strong language.

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